Summer Day Camp Volunteers

One Of Us

This year at Day Camp we will be exploring 5 stories of Jesus as a child, and children will be encouraged to consider the idea that Jesus was not only an impressive adult, and the Son of God, but that Jesus was also “one of us” in childhood as well! We hope and pray that our camp will be a place where children feel safe to ask the big questions about life and God, and we seek to give them age-appropriate space to explore what it means to live a life of faith. (We’ll also have lots of fun running around inside and out, singing, dancing, creating crafts, and eating together)

Many volunteer roles only require a few hours of your time (day-by-day commitment), while some volunteer roles need to be filled by someone who is committed to being available each day throughout the week (week-long commitment).

We greatly appreciate your time spent considering the ways you can be involved in our exciting summer adventure.
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