Weekly Worship

Because of COVID-19, we are currently only offering a 10:30am service on Sundays.

Sunday Morning – 10:30AM

Our Sunday morning worshipping community is lively and vibrant, finding beauty and depth in traditional Anglican liturgy, and grounded in gathered prayer, the reading of scripture, and the celebration of the Eucharist. Musically, we draw together piano with a rotation of accompanists on cello, violin, flute, harp and more, as we sing a variety of Anglican hymns along with music from a range of other Christian traditions. Members of the congregation are invited to participate fully in the service, singing as part of the congregational chorus, reading the scriptures, leading prayer, and assisting in the distribution of communion.

Sunday Evening – 4:00PM

The Water’s Edge begins at 4:00pm on Sunday evenings, where a gifted team of musicians lead us on piano, guitar, drums, and lead vocals. There is no doubt that we treasure our Anglican tradition, but we try to keep things relatively simple and dressed-down on Sunday evenings. Typically we tuck away things like processions and robes to focus on the simple stuff: on meeting Christ in scripture read, music sung, and the bread and wine shared at the Lord’s Table. Following worship each week our community sits down to eat together. Certain members of the community prepare the food, but all of us are invited to the table. There we get to break bread, serve each other, share our lives, and muse about living in the wake of what God has given us.

Weekly Services

Thursday – 2:00PM

This quiet communion service is from the Book of Common Prayer and is followed by tea, treats, and fellowship in the narthex. We offer this service four times a year, marking some of the main holy days. Our dates for the 2019-2020 season are as follows:

October 10th Thanksgiving Service

December 5th Christmas Service

February 26th* Ash Wednesday Service (*this service is on a Wednesday and is at noon; it is followed by lunch)

April 2nd Easter Service