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One great week of songs, Bible stories, games, friends and lots of laughter.

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The kids had a blast!

2 weeks ago

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Summer: the perfect time for a new coat of paint! Thanks to everyone who helped!

3 weeks ago

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1 month ago

Today is World Refugee Day, but really every day is a day when thousands will leave their homes and make often dangerous journeys in the hope of finding a better life for themselves and their families.

Today, as we strive to do every day, we pray for all those, from countries innumerable, who suffer from war, famine, thirst, environmental devastation, climate change, poverty, neglect, fear, grief, and displacement. We ask for forgiveness for the ways in which we, individually and collectively, have contributed to worldwide strife and suffering. We ask for wisdom, that we would grow in the fruits of the Spirit. And we remember that we are disciples of a Servant-King who was born in a stable and whose parents took him and fled their homeland to avoid death, becoming refugees in Egypt for a time.
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